Travel Collapsible Silicone Pets Bowl – Water or Food


Volume – 200ml
Material – Silicone
Color – As shown on pictures.



Awesome for some small trips.

Not just that. This collapsible cat bowl is perfect for small living spaces too. Or if you want to just have something, that is not that big and just takes small space. Camping – now that is perfect. With the small hook, you can easily take it with you and your pet when going for a walk in the park or camping.

This way is a little better for you. Imagine, you have your own bottle of water. Instead of bringing a separate (unless if you have to) bottle for your pet, you can share one bottle. This way you have less to carry.

Made out of strong materials, made to be folded many many times, this small cat bowl is just a perfect way to experiment with something different. A little bit better then a bottle.

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