One Hand Pet Cleaning Glove


Size – 18cmX24cm
Adjustable Velcro strap.
Washing – just clean with fingers.
You buy only one glove for this price!


Let’s clean the cat!

It has never been more easy to clean your pet. You have a pet? You have big amount of hair everywhere. So, this is one simple solution of this problem. Think about it this way – it is not just a tool to brush your pet, but also to massage him, to make him or her feel loved and good. So, think about it like 2 things in one time – clean your pet and pet him/her.

It can be a nice gift for a person, who has no time to do all this things. Think about this friend and buy him or her this cool glove. We have to say, that the price is for 1 SINGLE GLOVE. You can choose which hand you want as a comment in your purchase. Please don’t forget to do so!

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