Little Mouse – Realistic Sound – 3psc



  • material: rubber
  • color: random
  • Size: 6 x 3 x 2.5 cm

  • Could be more colors shipped then the one on the pictures.
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Mouse and cats. Two animals, that really don’t like each other, but the cats are amazed by them.

Have you ever seen how a cat chase a mouse? Yes, you did. Who haven’t seen the most famous cartoon show. We will try to make that show at your house only with one (or more) cat and 3 mouses. This small mouses are perfect gift for your cat. Sweet and squishy they will give your cat hours of play.

When there are 3 colors, you can give her one color at a time, so she doesn’t get bored. Or, just give her all and watch her play everywhere with them. Perfect product to give your cat a little bit joy for her in the lonely day. No batteries needed, just throw it at her and watch her play.


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