Half-ball Catnip Cat Toy


Weight – 20 g
Diameter – 4 CM
Material High Quality Natural Catnip / Pollution-free




Is your cat healthy enough?

You may think she is, but there is never too much of vitamins and exercises. This catnip toy will be perfect for everyday use. There is a nice and simple picture that shows the advantages of having this half ball catnip toy at home. What we will recommence will be, to stick it in the kitchen or in a place, that is not so visible for everybody. Living room for example will be awful idea, because when you invite guests they will see it. Keep your house clean and put it in the best cat place you have.

The best place maybe will be if you have a wooden playground for cats at home, to stick it inside on the top floor. Why? So when your cat knows there is treat on top, she will climb and exercise. Cool idea.


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