Cute Cat Stud Earrings – Black – So sweet



  • Metals Type Zinc Alloy – feels good.
  • Size – 2cm x 1.4cm. It is really nice size.
  • 2 positions for adjustments.
  • Fits perfectly.



Best 3D cat earrings out there.

You want to look cool, look nice and even – funny? Sometimes, to look different is not bad idea. But, would you go and check how many earrings you have? Now, see how many of them are flat like, complete flat? And they are just simple earrings that will fit on your outfit. So sad and simple.

3d cat earrings

But, you have the power to change that. To change this simple style and to make yourself look different. Those are the cat earrings for you! Those are the kind of earrings you can give to a friend, to your little sister and to make a memorable gift. Or you just like cats? You want to have something that will remind you of them? Here is the answer.

Made out of nice feeling rubber on the outside, easy to put on and with 2 holes for adjustments. Looking cute and perfect in the same time. Black is the color you want, because it will fit with everything that you want to wear. Maybe you have seen them with other colors, but black is the only one that will stay black. If you want to have a different color, it is very likely for that color to change and to get dirty really easy.

cat earrings



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