Cute Cat Socks – 3D print Cat socks – Gray Cat



  • Size: One size,19cm
  • Material: 75% cotton + 25% dacron(polyester) 
  • Good for Number 37 (EU)


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Super cute gift for a cat lover.

You like cats? You have or you want a cat? Sometimes, there is just no chance to have one, but we are here, helping you to have your own cat. In this case – 2 of them. Think about this – you go home after work or school. You want just to have rest, take your time or even read a book. Why not to put something nice on you, like this comfi socks?

We are very sorry that we have only one picture of them, but they are so good and so pretty, that there shouldn’t be more photos for you.
This socks are very nice colored until number 37 (EU).
If you buy more of those, you will get very, very good deal. Or if you have interest in more cats, just ask in your purchase or on our email.

 Take a look at our shipping time table for information, when you will have your product.


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