Cat Animal Milk Mug – Ceramic – 14×9.5x8cm



  • Color: Black,White
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Write the color you want as a comment in order


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Who doesn’t like cute mugs? Who doesn’t like cats? So, can we combine this two?

Imagine yourself sitting on the couch looking at cartoons or watching a favorite movie. No work today, no stress, just you and the screen. What can make the situation better than a nice cup with a hot drink. You go to the shelf and see this nice, black, cat cup and just think – I will take this one!

Done, your perfect moment in front of the TV is complete. Now you have something to drink, something to see and to relax from all your problems. This is not just a cat mug – this is moment creator. This is a nice mug to give as a gift so when they drink from it to think about you or to have their special moment. The cat theme just ads to all this nice things.


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