Angle Tickling Massage Cat Brush


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Your cat will like it.

You have a cat and there is absolute no chance that she is not rubbing herself in your legs or on your body when she can. Are we wright? She is looking for attention, we understand that, but sometimes, the need of a scratch on her back is just too big. That’s where this product comes for. Very handy, very easy to install and it requires no batteries.

You only have to clean it from time to time and that’s it! So easy and it will make your cat a better pet. You can still scratch her and pet her, but when you are away, she will have her place to rub that back.

Perfect for the time your cat want’s to play, but you have no time for it. Easy to install, nothing to worry about. Just nice cat toy and people like it! Cats also.


  • Size: 36x28x32cm
  • Material: plastic


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